Get out of the way of the Sale
Don't sell... Instead help your customers buy!

You don’t sell; you set the stage for the buyer to discover that your product will solve a pain he is currently having or shortly will have. In other words, the buyer is already motivated, and it is your job to show him how your product will solve his pain.

The setting of the stage is done by allowing the buyer to answer questions.

“That’s interesting you selected [fill-in the blank] to consider. Why did you do that when there are so many other [fill-in the blank] to choose from?”

“From the way you answered that question it sounds like you’ve done a lot of figuring about how to solve your problem. Is this something you always do when looking to purchase?”

“How did you come up with this method of making a decision . . . ?”

By asking questions, you allow the prospect to “discover” her own reasons for purchasing. In addition, by doing this, the prospect does not see, hear, or feel you selling. The prospect sees you listening and occasionally making a suggestion. The effect on the prospect is that suddenly you are the smartest and most effective problem-solver she has ever encountered.

It’s very easy for salespeople to blame everything else and/or everyone else for a sale not happening.
The last place looked at, if ever, is in the mirror. It’s so much easier, around the coffee
pot at break time, to blame the economy, the lousy weather, the time of year, the time of the
week, the time of day, the idiots at the factory, the numbskull in purchasing, whatever; the list
is endless.
It’s also easy for salespeople to fall into the delusion that they can sell anyone anything
because of their outstanding selling techniques. You may have heard of how “she could sell
ice cubes to an Eskimo in winter.”
Out of the last 100 buyers, not prospects, of your product, at least 99 bought because it
solved some pain they had. Their buying had little or nothing to do with your selling tech-
nique. In fact, some may have bought from you even though they found your technique to be
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